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Franz Ferdinand is so goldurned obvious, but I really dig “Take Me Out.” It's a catchy tune with more than one hook, it's got a good beat, and that video is a graphic designer's wonderland. I'll probably succumb.

The one and only Rockpile album, Seconds of Pleasure has been reissued. It has the tracks from the “Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds Sing the Everly Brothers” EP – I think that came with the first pressing of the album.

There's yet another new format in stores, but this one actually is really just a packaging innovation that doesn't require any new hardware or software that isn't being made today – it's called DualDisc, and is basically a CD on one side and a DVD on the other. (So much for the web site.) It's a somewhat less elegant solution to what hybrid SACD offers, which is something that can be played on both CD and higher-resolution devices, but on the other hand SACD can't offer gobs of disk space for things like DVD-quality video, so in this case competition is a good thing. Typically the CD side will have the stereo mix and perhaps “CD Extra” type material, while the DVD side will have videos, and the surround mix in both Dolby Digital and uncompressed formats. Tower had a few of these for $18 – and of course, in yet another gratuitous packaging change, they come in something that's like a jewel box but has this extra semicircle of plastic on the side that opens. WHY ?

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