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Moonlight In Vermont

We're so pathetic. We see a feature on FoodTV about great food factory tours, and the next thing you know, we're in Waterbury, eating Ben & Jerry's at their factory. Too bad it wasn't a production day – pre-frozen ice cream (like soft-server, or what Vermonters called “creemees”) is perhaps the food of the gods. To balance that, though, I did get a cone of Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, even though there's a headstone for it in the “Flavor Graveyard” behnd the factory. Other places of production we visited:In Burlington, we had a really tasty, eclectic, and veg-friendly dim sum at the Five Spice Cafe. Heck, if it's good enough for the many celebs whose photos are posted near the entrance (like the current Mrs. Elvis Costello), it's good enough for us.

Anyway, it was fun and good to get away from Metro Boston. We saw a lot of Vermont off the interstates (north of Smuggler's Notch, US-7 from Burlington to Rutland), but even view from I-89 is nice – wildfires now grow along the roadside since they don't cut the grass back so much. Maybe I should take the same approach with out lawn…

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