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I Didn't Come Here To Tell You I Got Juice

Strawberry picking was a success. At first, it was hard finding good, ripe berries – you just stare down at the ground and look for flashes of red. Soon, however, you learn that just because a berry is touching the ground doesn't mean it's going to be rotten. (They aren't called Erdbeere for nothing !) So you need to get down there and turn over leaves, and you will be rewarded. If you've hunted for food in supermarkets all your life it's a novelty to realize that fruit's natural environment is not ordinarily refrigerated.

At one point we thought we had pretty much found enough (two containers), but we were getting so good at it that about fifteen minutes later we had twice that.

And we were being, well, picky, going for only the really ripe, this-close-to-bursting sweet juicy beauties at the end. We better learn to freeze or can the ones we can't eat in the next few days !

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