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Today was a perfect summer day: blue skies, warm but not hot, with a slight breeze, and most important of all, nowhere to be in particular. The kids and I relaxed, hung out in the pool, and viewed more chapters in the SpongeBob canon. Later in the afternoon, O called up and said she could get out of work early. We celebrated this good fortune with dinner outside the Blue Ribbon Barbeque. The kids wanted to go to the school playground afterwards, and there we met two of S0's classmates, including a girl who had a lot of fun playing tag with S1.

In a sign that the job market does seem to be picking up, I received two contacts this afternoon from my résumé on Monster – one from a place I'd given up on, another for a contracting position that might be kind of a stretch for me, but an opportunity nevertheless.

Tomorrow, we expect a repeat gorgeous day, so we'll be off to Verrill Farm to pick some strawberries.

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