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  • Coming soon: Jack Dangers' own version of a soundtrack for Forbidden Planet. This should kick ass.
  • The new Sonic Youth video collection DVD offers high-resolution audio (24-bit, 48 kHz). Just the thing for all those fans who sharpened their hearing at Sonic Youth shows for all those years.
  • Mickey Kaus' “Speed Metal” theory of political fortune:
    …But even if the traditional cycles have been short-circuited, that doesn't mean there will be no ups and downs in politics. There might still be longer-wavelength trends. This possibility was driven home to me when my friend E. and I went to a rock concert and happened to see a wackily intense speed metal band strumming its guitars and pounding its drums so quickly that the only rhythm you actually felt was the stately pattern of the chord changes. "This music is so fast it's slow," noted E. Applied to the 2004 campaign, this Speed Metal Theory would suggest that the flurry of gaffes, thrusts, charges and countercharges has become a self-cancelling blur--but that Bush or Kerry may rise or fall slowly, over a matter of months, as the economy or the situation in Iraq improves or deteriorates, or as impressions of Kerry gel.
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