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Fun In The Post

Today was a better day than it could have been. Compensating for the job search slog and the gray weather were the following two items that came to our door:
  • A custom-assembled Brides indoctrination packet from netochka and gregjaw (you guys are the best !). I am now the proud owner of a Brides T-shirt and have just auditioned and heartily approve of the new release, chock full of catchy witty dark pop with just enough left turns to make sure you've been paying attention. And some of you better get ready, they may be coming to your town.
  • Item the second, the new Throbbing Gristle remix CD, which Amazon sent to me, all by itself, in a 4" × 6" × 12" box. If only Amazon were as economical as TG themselves, who put this blurb in the CD package:
    Some copy about why
    we are important
    from lots of famous
    Truth is, the way their material stands up to 20 years and the remixer's editing, you wouldn't need to be told that anyway.
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