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That Was the Weekend That Was

Not a bad weekend at all – most of Saturday was spent trying clean and the restore the original wood color of the back deck (before waterproofing it), and I tell you, it's pointless. We should just be thankful it hasn't fallen apart, and go for something more maintainable, like shiny, Space Age plastic, next time. Meanwhile, our oriole has returned from Baltimore or points further south, although he hasn't set up house yet.

Sunday: Those pesky yet adorable offspring of ours just keep growing, so we drove up the outlet malls in (s)Kittery, Maine, and blew our money on things like coats, pajamas, shirts, and pants. On the way back we stopped for ice cream at the ever-popular Ice House on route 1-B near New Castle, New Hamsphire.

While my mom watched the kids, O and I celebrated our 12th anniversary at New Ginza in Watertown. They've got excellent sushi. After that, we capped off the romantic evening with a trip to Target, where we bought flatpack shelving furniture so that the front-door area wouldn't be in such chaos. We are nothing if not practical, we two.

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