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Thursday: I took the kids to the indoor playground in Woburn, as the rains fell – and fell. Most of the kids (including mine) gravitate to the Habitrail-like complex of tunnels and passages, instead of the “pretend” areas, which were in a state of chaos (missing props and toys, dress-up clothes strewn on the floor in a large, matted pile). This place is also supposed to have “play coaches,” but there might have been one wandering around. Maybe.

When we left, there was about half a foot of water in parts of the parking lot. There was a lot of water along the road to Winchester; when we got the town center, the Aberjona river was within two feet of the many bridges that cross it. I went back to the house “just in case,” but the sump pump and the storm drains were doing what they were supposed to. So into Cambridge we went, where we picked up O, and performed the agreeable routine of Chinese food at the Pu Pu Hot Pot and ice at Toscanini's afterwards.

Friday: Today was my designated day with R. I was dropped off at Carberry's in the town center, and it was jammed. I wonder if the fact that school was cancelled in Winchester (flooding) had anything to do with it. After breakfast, I walked with R on the Minuteman Bike Path to Alewife, and we rode the T to Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Although there's a big Gaugin special exhibit, we zeroed in on their fabulous collection of Japanese postcards, which is on display until June 6. In search of vittles, we walked to the Ruggles T stop, got to see an Acela high-speed train fly by, and the took Orange Line to Chinatown, where I introduced R to the wonders of the Taiwan Cafe.

Boston is a walkable city, so we obliged by strolling along through the financial district and long the now almost-dismantled elevated expressway. A few of the old green-painted iron girder structures are still in place, and R suggested that one of them should be kept up as a reminder of what used to be there – this was also done for a similar elevated highway in San Francisco. Finally, I needed to get back home, so I took T back from Aquarium, thus fulfilling my personal dream of using all four T transit lines in a single day).

When I got home, some girls came up to me and warned me that a fox on the loose, and that he killed “two chickens.” Chickens ? Nobody keeps chickens around here ! (Unless they're really well hidden.) Oh, I hope they didn't mean the ducks that like to hang out around here in the spring – it's part of what makes our neighborhood special.

K graciously offered to watch the kids that night, so I drove back into Cambridge, where I had dinner with O at Helmand. While it's hard to compare Helmand with other Afghan restaurants (because there aren't that many !), we've always been impressed with this place, especially their treatment of sauces and vegetarian items.

When we came back, K and S0 were playing on her XBox, and S0 was doing pretty well !

Saturday: A bit quieter: R came over for a while, played with the kids, and we watched Michel Gondry videos – he wanted to see some because he's interested in seeing Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, and besides, the kids wanted to see the “Lego diveo” again (and again)

It was also a day of transitions for S1 – there is no more booster seat for her chair at the dinner table, and we got her some more pull-ups, as the toilet training is progressing, slowly but surely.

Sunday: We went over my sister's. The kids got early Easter presents and watched Finding Nemo. Man, what pretty colors in that movie.

Today: A day of resuming the job hunt, mostly. I also walked around the reservoir, which is still quite full.

And, oh yeah, I talked to my brother to plan out what we wanted to do when we're over in England. He wants me to bring over:

  1. A T-shirt from Toscanini's (birthday present).
  2. Stop & Shop Southwest Salsa (one jar each of medium and hot)
  3. CVS Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution
England must be pretty grim – how can they make do without salsa and contact lens solution ?
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