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So, one thing about all this rain – which won't leave us until Saturday – it's making up for a somewhat dry spring we've had up until now. The little vernal pools that usually pop up in the woods around here were nowhere to be seen, nor were the ducks that parade around the yards as they normally do this time of year. Well, that has all changed now. Our neighbor's yard across the street hosted the ducks yesterday as they inspected the brook, and today that brook is overflowing to the low-lying part of his backyard. Our sump pump is getting a workout, but so far it has not had a problem keeping up with the rainfall. When it's on, we get big puddle in the backyard, but so far all the water has found place to go, as it disappears as soon as the pumping is done.

And to think my friend R, who now lives in San Francisco, flew all this way to get this weather.

K is out for the day (doctor's appointments), and the kids are taking naps. Once they wake up, we're going to an indoor playground, then pop into Cambridge for dinner with O.

I was reading about a new album, Rare Wood, by some outfit called Sunburned Hand Of the Man, and, while the blurb characterized it by it's avant-jazz/folk influences, it was recorded with Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas, who are (were ?) known for their purest of pure pop. They haven't produced anything in years, but their song “The Way You Walk” has been picked up for a TV commercial. They also toured with the Cardigans – they've been keeping a lot profile in the States, too. Their last CD was not released here, but they're making an appearance at TT's in Cambridge real soon.

Oh yeah, on the job front: one of my leads revived (whew !), and one of today's applications perked up some interest. It would be fab to have some real prospects before I leave for London.

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