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Righteous Rant On Media-Generated Paranoia

“Overreaction” from Russell Beattie:
Look - we live in a country with hundreds of millions of people, yet we have communications tools that make any event in any part of that society seem like it's in our living room. It's *not*. Every day the media presents the absolute worst, shocking news possible on the television and in the papers and on the web. They pander to the worst parts of every one of us and breed a society of hatred and division and suspicions and fear. Stop it. Stop paying attention to all that crap. Look, there are 6 billion people on the earth so the odds are that someone, somewhere is doing something incredibly bad and now it can be instantly beamed into your dinner newshour. But that has nothing to do with you and the society you choose to live in. Society is like traffic: you can't bitch about it and point fingers because guess what? You're part of it.
The guy has a lot of interesting things to say about Java programming for the web, too.
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