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The weather started out warm and variably cloudy today. S0 went on playdate while S1 and I did the grocery shopping, and took a long walk around one of the ponds at Great Meadows. Some kind soul let me confirm the Barrow's Goldeneye sighting with his scope. Yeah, someday I'll get a Swarovski and I'll be hardcore like that too.

We also witnessed perch (fish) valiantly trying to swim upstream into the pond, half out of water, sometimes exhausted on their sides, struggling for oxygen, swimming back, and trying again. The context is that the refuge maintainers have installed barriers, including a very shallow spillway from the pond out to the stream, which are designed to keep out the carp – large, exotic fish that can do severe damaged to the ecosystem of the refuge.

We took it easy in the afternoon, when it turned dark and threatening but never rained that seriously. I heard “I Beleive In a Thing Called Love” as we left dinner at Chili's and it never sounded so right as it did there. After picking up this book as a remainder at Barnes & Noble, I gave the kids a bath and put them to bed.

Meanwhile, O is headed home, happy that Maine won in overtime. See ya in Boston, humps.

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