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An Open Letter To Today's “Power Pop” Artistes

You know, it might not be as contemporary as screamo or able to move units like the latest half-naked pitch-corrected quasi-jailbait fembot, but I still appreciate you people out there who are trying to write classic pop songs. But, listen, you've got to tone down the potty mouth. I can't put your album on in the car when the kids are around, no matter how rockin' it is, because of the occasional (and admittedly well-deployed) cussing contained therein. And you've even done songs for kids !

And there was the time I was listening to our recently born-again commercial “alternative” station a few weeks ago when they were playing a crunchy pop nugget that prominently featured the word for female dog in the chorus. WHY ? Oh sure, it feels good to tweak the nose of the FCC, but a lot of parents aren't going let their kids listen to this, even if they don't mind it themselves.

Maybe you think you're keeping it real. I bet even Herman's Hermits could curse a blue streak in private, but did they put on the longshoreman's act on record ? NO. Leave that gank to Eminem.


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