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Was That Spring I Felt ?

It's always a novelty when we get spring weather in New England when the calendar says “spring,” but no less welcome. And it set the tone for the rest of the day.

O and I had breakfast with S0 at his school. After we all chowed down, the children in the class serenaded us with “Mr. Golden Sun” (Raffi) and “Here Comes The Sun” (Beatles). Having been made sunny, O and I then walked back home to wait for O's friend to whisk her away to scenic Albany, one of the sites for the NCAA Hockey Regionals this year. I found another job that looked good (the company is in the old Lotus Development building), then went to what I thought was going to be a short semi-interview with another place in Kendall Square. It turned into an hour-long conversation. The company has that funky MIT startup feel and I think I'd be a good fit.

Then I hopped the Red Line to Chinatown for dim sum with two friends. I stopped back in Harvard Square for a few minutes with one of them (mmm, iced coffee from Tosci's), then headed back home.

The next mission was to find that Goldeneye that eluded me yesterday. I took the kids to Great Meadows, and they had a great time running around. S1 was very excited about the red-winged blackbirds. We heard a strange burbling sounding from the reeds near the path, but it was no bird, but a muskrat. Come to think it, it did sound just like that sound effect in that Captain and Tennille* song. My binoculars were too weak to get a good look at all of the many ducks that were swimming on the water, but fortunately there's a rather powerful scope at the top of the observation tower at the refuge parking lot. I'm pretty sure that I found the bird I was looking for, but I might just go back again to make sure. Many of the male ducks were peforming their little “hey look at me” moves for the ladies. Mating dances on Friday night; 'twas ever thus.

During dinner at Bertucci's in Lexington Center, O started SMSing (text messaging) my phone from Albany:

O: I am not very happy
Me: Is Maine losing ?
O: 4 to 1.
O: Make that 4-2. Now 4-3.
Me: Keep scoring !
O: It's tied !
In the end, Harvard managed to blow a three-goal lead in the third period, then lost 5-4. One more win and Maine is in the Frozen Four. Go Blue ! (Except, next time, please don't give us a heart attack.)

Postscript that threatens to be longer than the entry it augments: I just read this page more closely, and something really freaky struck me. A “Brad Laner” mentions he was in the all-kid band that played “Muskrat Love” on the TV show Kids Are People Too (and here's the evidence in Quicktime). Now, I know about a “Brad Laner” who was in Medicine, a 90s alternative band that owed a lot to My Bloody Valentine but took the shoegazer-distorto-pop concept a few steps further. Laner has a solo career and connects to another band called Failure which I really liked. He also mentions that he was a DEVO fanatic at the time, and gives Daryl Dragon props for playing with the Beach Boys (nods to the Beach Boys are now de rigeur for all indie hipsters, especially if your name is Sean O'Hagan). So maybe it's the Brad Laner from Medecine.

Of course, he has to go confuse the issue with this very strange bio from his web site:

Take a dozen or more glamorous Bob Mackie costumes, add to that a chorus of handsome, singing and dancing guys; mix in comedy and musical production that projects a Broadway show; finally strike up an 18 piece band and you have a show which reviewers raved, "Brings the show back to show business." It's this combination of creative production values coupled with his inimitable style of song, dance and comedy that have drawn standing ovations for one of the entertainment industry's most talented artists, and kept Brad Laner at the top of his field.

Watching Brad's dynamic show, one has the sense of going through a history of America's most popular music. Just as the rock world's Michael Bolton utilizes the early days of the nation's black music folklore as the basis of his interpretations of today, Brad gives his audiences a taste of America's greatest melodic composers.

Brad Laner audiences never have to strain to understand the lyrics or relate to the melodies; they hum every tune as they leave the theater, happy to bask in a show that gives them both something to look at and something to listen to and to remind them that music really does make the world go round.

For Brad Laner the ease and aplomb he displays on the stage is virtually inbred. The son of a dancer and a classical musician, he grew up with music in his native Chicago and then, not surprisingly, began a professional career at the age of 12 with the legendary Los Angeles Civic Light Opera, where he was discovered by film producers and began his lengthy film and television career.

Mackie's designs and Brad's talent work well together in his stage and concert performances, as well as in 10 carefully conceived and executed musical variety specials that acclaimed him among the leading stars of the medium. Receiving high critical acclaim, the New York Daily News labeled his most recent show, "A superb hour that sums up what show business is all about.

The other side of the fellow the Los Angeles Times tagged "the country's number one male song and dance star," is that of a happily married man. He boasts a longtime marriage to Betty Laner, who triples as manager, producer and advisor. He loves to entertain in his Beverly Hills home or at a restaurant, where everyone always seems to glow in the laughter that Brad brings to the party. And, with all of that wonderful Hungarian gourmet cooking, how does he keep his dazzling figure? "He's just a natural," according to Mackie, Brad Laner's mannequin has never changed size, and those legs are insured for a million dollars by Lloyds of London."

Anyway, if he played with the Captain, wow.
* I bet you thought I'd never mention the Captain and Tennille here, would you ?
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