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Daily Blab

This is our first visitor in Monday. A little shy, perhaps, but the rest of our winged visitors take him very, very seriously.

Next on the agenda was lunch with an old manager of mine, who consults, and funnily enough, lives in Arlington, just like me, and a few other people who worked on Lotus Improv. The appointment was at the CambridgeSide Galleria mall, so I took the Red Line to Harvard, walked through Harvard Yard just as classes were switching, then headed down Cambridge St. to Lechmere. Just before the mall, I walked through the yard of the old Middlesex County Courthouse complex, which uses neoclassical architecture expressed in brick.

Pito and I had a wide-ranging conversation on many technical things. It came up that if you're in the same field for a while, your world tends to grow, but then it starts exhibiting more of the “small world” effect, which I'm really noticing during my job search. I was thinking maybe I could consult just by surfing all the web all day and then summarizing it all. Hey, it's a living.

I also used my trip to the church of shopping to return my license plate for the Neon (there's an RMV office on the third floor) and to have my eyeglasses tightened and adjusted. Once I left the mall, I stopped by the nearby Calumet photography store, mostly to see how digital is doing in the professional realm. It's doing very well, thank you, but digital SLRs are still pretty expensive; also, the Canon digital SLRs will not accept the AE (non-auto-focus) lenses. I also learned from a card in the freebie rack that neighboring Winchester has a photography museum.

Tomorrow, more job search work and errands. Never a dull moment !

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