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Day In, Day Out

Today was a good day. I walked S0 to school. Online, I did some job-hunting, and redeemed my one yellow Pepsi cap for Andy Partridge's song for Wonderfalls. Then it was time for the outside world, so I took the bus in with O. We had it all to ourselves for the first few stops – how romantic !

I rode the Red Line to Harvard Square, looked but didn't shop, then walked down Mass. Ave. to Central Square. I had lunch with the charming jgd3 at the tasty but unfortunately named PuPu Hot Pot. He was sparkling conversationalist, patient listener, and a new name on the highly prestigious list of LJers who've picked up my tab. Don't you want to be just like him ?

The snow started falling in earnest around 4:30 here, and it's very likely that there will be no school. O made broiled mackerel for dinner; we had it with brown rice and two kinds of kimchee – cabbage and leek. Nothing like that red pepper power to warm up the insides !

Both the kids have colds; I just hope I avoid the combined assault from the kids as we all huddle in the cabin tomorrow ! Well, actually, S0 and I finally might be able to get in some sledding tomorrow. It hasn't been a good winter for that, so one last chance would be nice.

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