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Peaches, Come Out !

We got to take care of Peaches, S0's class's hamster, for the weekend. Well, I fed him last night, and must have not clamped down the cage securely enough. He's now in a little space under a cabinet, next to the stove. At first we thought somehow he got into the wall (there's a hole behind the stove), but he's a lot more accessible than that. I stuck my hand over small piece of baseboard to the right the stove, and he peeked out after that. There's a peninsula to the right of the stove, and apparently no wood that separates the right edge of the stove from the island. That is much better than the whole area being sealed up. And yeah, we blocked that hole in the wall just in case he tries something stupid. So, now either we (1) lure him out, or (2) move the stove and hope that there isn't even more space under the kitchen island where he can retreat. (Although it not much space to hide in.)

Can't beat that on a Sunday morning !

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