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Sickly Shlophie

Sophie got a mild case of conjunctivitis on Tuesday, and today she had a fever and a runny nose. Day care called me up, so I had to take the kids home early, and because of their sick-out policy, we can't bring Sophie back until 24 hours after her fever has disappeared. I know they are trying to prevent things from spreading, but realistically, once you've noticed something like a fever it's too late, and because, somebody could be spreading something even when they aren't showing obvious symptoms. So that means

  • We missed my company's little holiday party tonight (no biggie).
  • O has to stay home tomorrow (and she already did on Wednesday).
  • We can't take advantage of day care's special "parents night out" tomorrow night -- for $25, they would babysit the kids until 8 or so, while parents got some quality time alone. We signed up for that. Well, that's not gonna happen now, sigh.

Anyway, Sophie is doing fine with some infant's Tylenol -- she's feeling and looking much better !
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