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Greetings From the Underground Lair

This is the first time in a long time that I've been able to work from home, so I'm done in the basement trying to keep warm. I needed to be here so that the Salvation Army could take away our old car, Dion the Neon, as a donation. Dion served us admirably over 9 years and 107,000 miles of active service, including a month-long cross-USA road trip.

In A/V news, I picked up a surround-sound receiver from Denon so I finally get real 5-channel sound (no subwoofer though) and direct digital connection to the DVD player. The coolest feature is “5-channel stereo,” which simply plays a stereo signal through all speakers without delay or other tomfoolery. That's good for parties or just blasting music. I'd also like to see RDS in action – in Europe, the radio stations do all kinds of neat things with text, which would show up on radio of the car we rented when we vacationed in France.

The most annoying “feature” is the fact that Denon decided to use a PAL-style FM antenna connector, which means I can't use my powered FM antenna without an obscure adapter that the folks at Cameras, Inc. have so graciously decided to special-order for me. I need that antenna so I can pick up certain college stations (like WZBC) and get WMBR and WBUR in stereo. The PAL connector looks insidiously like two other kinds of antenna connector, but it won't work with either one of them. It figures that one of the simplest connections would be one of the most troublesome. The gods of technology wouldn't have it any other way !



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Feb. 13th, 2004 09:55 pm (UTC)
i my new-old prius radio has RDS, as it likes to tell me what OUTKAST song is on, and i can use it to find ez listening channels. it doesn't work up here in the hinterlands, but so far in nyc it is running.

i *think* it also will transmit EBS statements, but ironically it won't let you read them while driving; too unsafe!
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