Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
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I weighed myself this morning, and it looks like I've lost seven pounds since last Monday. It's working ! And it should be — yesterday, O and I went to Legal Seafoods for lunch. The first thing they did was put out rolls for us, which is a complete no-no on this diet. Oh, the temptation was great. O said, as if addressing the insidious baked goods, “I can beat you ! I'm better than you !” Then we both ordered a salad to share (greens with grilled calamari and white beans), and we both had grilled bluefish with asparagus as a side dish. The weird thing is you can eat pretty well, to satiation, and yet if you stick to it you're going to succeed. Imagine that.

As a treat this morning, I went to get a low-fat capuccino at the Starbucks in the Mariott here. I used to go there more often, but they know me. In fact, the barista decided to make my drink “special” by adding whipped cream, but I told him that was I was on a diet. Then one of the female staff looked me up and down and said, “You're tall and shouldn't be that skinny. You don't look bad.” Oh boy !

Tags: coffee, south beach diet
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