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A Weekend

The South Beach regime is steady and holding. O and I feel good. On Saturday, we took the kids to K's nephew's birthday party. As it turns out, K has also roped a lot of her family into the SB thing, so we shared experiences and joked. It's a happy little cult we've got here !

That night, I bopped over to Harvard Square for a little media intake. I wasn't exactly planning on it — I wanted to check out a surround-sound receiver at a hi-fi store, but it was closed, so I drove around a little and found a miraculous parking spot right next to the Havard Book Store. Among other things, I found a remaindered copy of Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry. Then I drove down Mass. Ave. and joined a lot of other aging local Boston rock fans at the Middle East upstairs for sets by two local legendary bands, the Lyres (with the 1984 lineup) and the Real Kids. Suffice to say, it rocked, and I'll post some pictures later.

On Sunday, we stayed in most of the day. Christmas is officially over, now that I took down our outside lights. Then we shopped at Wild Oats, sort of a cheaper version of Whole Foods/Bread & Circus, where, sure enough, they've put little "low-carb" flags on various items in the store. Did you know that meat is low in carbs ? No, really !

Mike Patton does a pretty good Russian men's chorus impression on the new Fantômas record. And he's playing out with Rahzel, the human beatbox/sampler from the Roots, in March. The guy is a regular renaissance man, I tell you !

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