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Pounds Not Sterling

Pray for us. O, K, and I have decided to go on the South Beach diet. By doing this together, we hope for mutual moral and logistical support. We're in “Phase One” now, which is a pretty strict regime that lasts two weeks — no carbs, little fat. What's surprising is even apparently innocent vegtables are carrots are verboten (too sweet, I guess). The other thing we noticed is that when you take out foods with sugar and starches from your grocery trip, you're still paying about $30 for two bags of groceries.

Anyway, my personal goal is to roll back a few winters worth of weight gain and get back to a comfortable 34 or 36 waist size again. Might as well do it now !

It's a lot easier to lose weight by getting a haircut. I got mine sheared off last week. The downside is that I can really notice the cold weather at the back of my head.

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