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More Unsupervised Existence

O is off at a hockey game again, so, I came home early; K and I have a pretty good system going – if I need to order take out, I can order it as soon as I get home, and then take her car to go get it since, it's the outermost one in the drive and she wants the car warmed up anyway.

My dinner run took me down the back section of my street – how could I have not noticed the huge new house that they've shoehorned in between two others ? That, of course, is across from the other two huge houses that look out of place in this neighborhood. Since Arlington has so little buildable land, this is not exactly surprising, but the scale of the houses is new. My route then took me to the end of the new park – the detention pond has been frozen over solid, so kids were skating on it, and somehow a hardy soul has been making progress on building the footbridge where the pond turns back into a brook.

When I finally picked up dinner, there were four other bags waiting on the counter – and it was only a little past five !

Back to building – there's a house across the street which is getting a new story. This is the fourth major addition project in the neighborhood since the beginning of 2003. Improbably, the work didn't start until November. They scrambled to avoid keep the old first floor of the house for too long, but the Tyvek lining they've applied to one side of the house keeps coming off. I'm starting to feel the peer pressure – now we're going to have to add a third floor, just to keep up !

Even around here, there are signs that winter will have an end, even it's if more than a month off: I'm not walking to the early or late busses in total darkness any more; at noon, the sun is a little higher and the shadows are a littler shorter. Sure, we'll probably get one or two big snows in February, but winter is doomed. Did you hear me, old man ? Doomed !

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