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Out and About In the Tri-State Area

First, from linguaphiles, a website on New Jersey’s namesake’s language, an interesting dialect of French (a lot like Norman with some Norse sprinkled in). Séyiz les Beinv'nus à 2004 !

We spent a relaxing New Year’s at O’s parents. For one thing, the drive in both direction was pretty speedy. O’s brother visited from Colorado, which is starting to become a tradition. I even got to play with his Powerbook G4 from work (drool drool). The kids were really excited to see their grandparents.

As usual, there were outings to be had. On Friday, we had lunch at an Afghan restaurant called Khyber. This place was situated in a nondescript mini-mall in Edison, but the location was a microcosm of what you could find around there. There was an Italian place, but you also had Filipino (pretty rare on the East Coast), an Indian ice cream shop (note Kwality’s neon sign for kulfi), and, oddest of all, Indian-Thai-Chinese. And there was actually another one of those in a neighboring mini-mall as well. Anyway, Khyber was pretty neat – they had lunch specials that featured tomato soup (somewhat like the Indian variety, boldly flavored), with rice, bread (which the kids loved), appetizers (vegetarian turnovers or grilled meat), and an entrée. O and I went the vegetarian route – we both got pathan mithri (I think that’s what they’re called), which are stuffed hot peppers, not unlike jalapeño poppers, and O got a dish with small grilled eggplant. It was all delicious. They don't have a web site, but Google found this – I hope they’ve recovered their business since then.

After that, we went to the Newark Museum, located in, of all places, Newark. It’s a bit of a catch-all – across three buildings, there are antiquities, science exhibits, some contemporary art, and even a mini-zoo for kids. There was also this:

I think this mechanical peeing hen was supposed to Make You Think, but all I could think was, “What ?” On the other hand, the coin-operated machine that contained it dispensed plastic eggs, so why not ?

On Saturday, we drove into NYC to have lunch with a friend of O’s. We arrived in Soho a little after 10 am, and parking was surprisingly easy to find – there were plenty of spaces near the corner of Spring and Green, for example. We did a lot of walking – eventually, after we all met up, we ending up having dim sum at 98 Mott St. In the morning, the spring-like weather cast a spell of tranquility over ramble, but by afternoon, the rest of the city decided to come out and things livened up considerably. We walked some more, to Little Italy, then down West Broadway. Most of the way, S0 and O’s friend’s daughter would run from halfway through a block, to the next corner, then wait for us or hide behind a doorway. We kept a close eye on them, and it was good way for S0 to burn off a little of that excess energy. At East 4th, I was allotted some time to bask in the soundboi temple that is Other Music. (My haul: Brokeback, Burnt Sugar, Weevie, and the Guided By Voices “greatest hits.”) Eventually we said goodbye to O’s friend and zipped back to the in-law’s.

And, now, it’s back to the groove. We made good time on the way home yesterday, so we took down the Christmas tree and went food shopping. It’s time to face the new year !

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