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Holiday Home Stretch

After keeping a close-up view of the proverbial grindstone for way too long, my last day of work for ever-lovin’ 2003 was yesterday. The corporate mothership gives us the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, so combined with a forced vacation day on the 2nd, I won't be back there until the 5th of January. Praise be ! S0’s last day of school for the calendar year was today as well. We saw his school’s non-denominational recital yesterday morning and he was very adorable in it.

Saturday was a pre-holiday whirlwind – first, a mad but efficient dash around the Fresh Pond Mall for everything from spirits to mailing supplies to a Christmas dress for S1 (that was the score of the day). Then it was over the newly-opened southbound passage of the Leonard Zakim Bridge and Central Artery (capsule review: OK, but don’t expect a speedup until things are really done in 2005) to get to my Dad’s place, where we did a pre-Christmas celebration – he and his wife left for England the next to celebrate with my brother’s family there. Sunday was a bit a less hectic, but it took us three tries to find ducks for Christmas dinner after refusing to pay five dollars a point at Whole Foods: Trader Joe’s, no; Stop & Shop, no; Johnny’s Foodmaster (my meat-eater’s hunch), YES.

I finished my Christmas shopping this morning (hey, twelve hours earlier than usual !), came home, and then went to lunch with S0. We also had ice cream, sent some mail at the very quiet post office, and saw one of the apparently returning Bald Eagles at Mystic Lake, along with gulls, swans, and common and hooded mergansers. And now I'm typing this at you. THE END (for now).

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