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The Season

Ahh, I love winter. Go to work in the dark (6:25 am bus), come home in the dark (4:20 bus). But, it's not too cold out, which is gently melting away the ice, I'm getting a slight but still appreciated raise (and perhaps more), and S0 and I set up the Lego train around the Christmas tree. While excavating the box of my old Lego sets, I found the train set I got for Christmas in, I think, 1973, and noticed that there were still batteries in the power pack. Mirabile dictu, they had not leaked, so there's still a chance the thing would work.

And S1 used the potty for the first time today, which I hope (hope !) gets me off diaper detail soon. Heh, I just suppose I could “forget” to buy diapers next time, to hasten the process…



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Dec. 18th, 2003 07:06 pm (UTC)
Well, there's a newer train set for around the tree, it's from 1986 are so, acquired when I was (ostensibly) an adult. I went to Europe the same year and just had to pick up extra tracks when I was there. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time either, hmm...

The 1973 set was a pleasant surprise — I thought it was gone or something; I think I picked it up when Mom sold the house in late 80s. It can run on the same tracks as the newer set, but now all Lego sells are the one with power in the rails.

We had a Yankee swap at work today, and, no surprise, two of the gifts were Legos (Safari Pen and Star Wars mini-models).

S1 made more progress today ! I hope I don't have to change diapers for another 25 years or so (hopefully not my own...).
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