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The Season

Ahh, I love winter. Go to work in the dark (6:25 am bus), come home in the dark (4:20 bus). But, it's not too cold out, which is gently melting away the ice, I'm getting a slight but still appreciated raise (and perhaps more), and S0 and I set up the Lego train around the Christmas tree. While excavating the box of my old Lego sets, I found the train set I got for Christmas in, I think, 1973, and noticed that there were still batteries in the power pack. Mirabile dictu, they had not leaked, so there's still a chance the thing would work.

And S1 used the potty for the first time today, which I hope (hope !) gets me off diaper detail soon. Heh, I just suppose I could “forget” to buy diapers next time, to hasten the process…

Tags: kids, lego, trains
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