November 1st, 2004

into battle

Breakfast bits

Ha, Brigham's (based in my town) had to change the name of one of their ice cream flavors.

I think it's hawk migration time. I saw three vultures on the way back home yesterday, and three red-tailed hawks over my workplace building as I came in this morning.

This CD, which my brother sent for my birthday</a> is both a useful birding aid and good background music.

And, as Mary Poppins says, "A spoonful of hummus makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down..."

Time, time, time

The kid's school years are going to be a bit patchy from now 'till the end of the year. S0 is off today, Veteran's Day, and the day after that. S1 also has a few days off for various teacher-training reasons, and the week before Christmas, plus the week after Christmas for both of them. Since I just started work, there is very little vacation to play with, and, whatever the state of my former employer is now, I'm really going to miss that after-Christmas week that the masters in Rochester gave us.

Just once I'd like to stay at a company long enough to get more than three weeks of vacation, and yeah, I know for a lot people in the US even that is a luxury.

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Evolution of the eye

[via Slashdot] Not only a great illustration of intermediate evolutionary steps in complex biological subsystems, you could could also think of it as a possible non-mystical explanation for the concept of the “third eye,” since the human brain still contains light-sensitive cells.

It would also explain why I get more chipper after a haircut.

But trepanation is right out !