October 31st, 2004


Happy Halloweenie !

Working backwards:

I'm on candy duty. S1 was dressed as a jack-o-lantern and S0 as Luke Skywalker, and got a pretty good haul in forty minutes or so. Besides lollies and Kit-Kats, we're also handing out fingers, thumbs, ears, and eyeballs (chocolate). It's a good night for Hallowe'en, mild and just a bit of a breeze on which the spirits can ride. The kids in costumes are very charming (there are some Johnny Damons with magic-marker facial hair out there) but the girls as today's pop music starlets… ermm, I dunno. It also appears that the era of the plastic mask is long gone.

I had an awesome time at the you-know-what you-know where. Food, folks, and fun !

On Friday, O and I celebrated by birthday with dinner at the Red House in Harvard Square. The food was good and unpretentious, but the desert menu (as is the case at a lot of Boston restaurants) was a bit lacking. But that was OK, because who needs anything but CHOCOLATE-based treats at L.A. Burdick. Our immediate desert was two of their hot chocolates to go, since it was so crowded. We also took away two pastries for the solid part of desert (not consumed until the next day) and a humble offering to my hosts at O's suggestion.

And, in conclusion,