October 2nd, 2004

muffin man


Why, when stores go out of business, do they send a guy out to the road to hold up a “Going Out Of Business” sign ? Is it for the human touch ? To get around some zoning or signage regulation ? Or is the business manager's desire to see some other poor slob do some pointless minimum-wage labor before he himself is forced to look for another job ?
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into battle

Darn, It's Not Summer Any More

We never got the warm weather they were predicting for the end of the week. Time, sadly, to put away the shorts…

After our yard sale last week, we returned the favor by visiting a few this morning. I scored some cool pre-“world music” LPs from a sale in Belmont. If the cover was interesting, I considered it. Amazingly, well, if you cared about such things, there was an Esso Steel Band (Bermuda) album that was signed by the musicians ! One that I passed up was a Spike Jones version of the Nutcracker Suite on 78s. The packaging was really cool. Is that going to haunt me now ?

We thought we could get some good furnishings on the cheap by shopping around the snootier parts of our local area, but pickings were slim. Who wants castoffs from one's own socioeconomic stratum ? I certainly don't !

Oh yeah, I got an intriguing email this morning. I'm up for intrigue, but arrangements have to made. We dance to the tune of available babysitters, you know.


More Questions

Why won't the Great White Shark leave Naushon Island ?

Are the recent Mt. St. Helena eruptions and the Paso Robles earthquake related in any way ?

And speaking of coincidences, isn't it strange that three large bursts of energy have recently been detected emanating from different points in space ?

And why haven't I seen any mention of the death of Russ Meyers on my friends page ? Surely you maverick-loving, fun-loving comrades of mine would have something to say about this true American original !