March 1st, 2004

into battle

The Grey Album Goes Platinum !

In downloads, that is. DJ Danger Mouse's unauthorized mix of Jay-Z's Black Album with samples from the Beatles' “White Album” has been downloaded more than a million times, according to Les Inrockuptibles.

And I'd just like to say that there are some pretty cool words in French for computer terminology, such as l'informatique (computer science) and télécharger (download).


Early Spring

March is coming in like a lamb. The temperature has been approaching 50 F and above for almost a week now. I'm starting to hear more birds sing and most of the snow is off our lawn. However, the Charles River is still mostly covered with ice from the Mass. Ave. to the Longfellow bridges. But how much longer can that last ?

I think I'll take a walk during lunch to check that out and work off a little of that dinner from last night...