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December 23rd, 2001

Unexplained persistent snow cover

Oh, please don't let this be a cold. Meanwhile, I'm trying to type this out while S1 is sleeping on me. Her nose is runny again, and when she's not sleeping (more than usual) or eating (more than usual), she wants to be held pretty much all the time. So she's probably going through a growth spurt now.

I didn't really notice how short the days are now until S0 and I went back out into the car to do a little last-minute Christmas shopping. When we had last been outside (about 2:15), it was nice and sunny out, and the car was parked in the sun. But when we want back out about half an hour later, it was in the neighbor's houses's shadow, because the sun was so low in the sky. S0 said "The sun's all gone !" No wonder why so many cultures turn on the lights at winter solstice.

The video for "Heart of Glass" by Blondie opens and closes with Manhattan night shots in which the WTC is very prominent. Chris Stein, you are a lucky man ! (*) And Clem Burke -- well, he was just way cool.

(*) Well, if you ignore the rare and serious illness he had for a few years. But Debbie stood by her man and nursed hum back to health.

OK, it sucks being down in the cold basement to use the computer. I know I should delay the purchase of an iBook and wireless access point for a year, but it would just be so civilized to not have to go down into the Dungeon to surf the web. I want to use a computer in the rumpus room, the wife wants to shop from bed, and soon the offspring will want to start playing with a 'puter too.


Mun-dee, Tues-dee...

An oddity from the March 2001 Atlantic Monthly's Word Court:

PAT DODDS, of Fresno, California, writes, "I was recently looking up the word Monday in the dictionary with my third-grade students, and we made an amazing discovery. The preferred pronunciation of Monday is 'mun-dee,' with a long-esound, not 'mun-day,' with a long-a sound. I checked other days of the week, and they were all the same: 'sun-dee' and so on. I checked other dictionaries and found the same thing..."


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