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RESPECT the Kazoo

The kazoo, scion of the “mirliton” family of musical instruments, has a noble history. And yet, the masses still need to be reminded to treat it properly:
The KAZOO pictured above is the standard KAZOO shape. This basic shape has NOT changed since first designed in the 1840's. You will however find KAZOOZ of several different shapes and sizes right here in the KAZOO MUSEUM. The one thing that distinguishes a TRUE KAZOO from all other instruments is the MEMBRANE. This simple piece of paper or skin or plastic, when caused to vibrate by the act of HUMMING, gives the KAZOO its unique sound. That's all there is to it. IF IT NEEDS A HUM TO MAKE A SOUND...IT'S A KAZOO, IF YOU'VE GOT TO BLOW...IT AIN'T !
Tags: history, kazoos
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