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Where does the time go ? O was a victim of the Red Line's problems tonight, so I fed the kids, picked her up since she had long since missed her usual bus, and had dinner with her. And while doing that, I winnowed out the mail and newspapers. Then I helped put the kids to bed, took out the trash, then the recycling. Then I looked across the street and saw that the storm drain was still covered by a snow bank. Being civic-minded and not wanting to see that part of the street turn into a lake when the rains come on Thursday, I shoveled that out, and then decided I might as well get the pile of snow off the back cellar door. Once back inside, I then descended to the underground lair to pay the bills and do a little investigation for something at work.

Meanwhile, we're getting our Christmas tree tomorrow. Yep, we must be going hardcore, because it's the earliest we've done it (there's a charity that K is buying it from for us, and that's the way they do things).

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