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Snow, What Else ?

Snowy was the weekend and the weekend was snowy. Saturday was spent in pleasant sloth, but today we had to dig out. S0 was rarin' to play in the snow, while I shoveled and shoveled. We never did get our Sunday newspapers. I went out back to feed the birds, and they just hung around expectantly as I refilled the feeders, instead of just flying away, so they must have pretty hungry ! (Amazingly enough, we've still got robins and mockingbirds up here.) We busted out to the mall to pick up the kids portrait photos and do a little shopping, and amazingly enough it was pretty busy. But Lexington center was really quiet.

The real challenge is going to be getting S0 to school tomorrow on time. I am sure it's going to be an interesting commute tomorrow morning (ugh).

Oh yeah, and we finally watched Donnie Darko last night. If there's one thing it confirms, it's the genuine strangeness of Tears For Fears and Duran Duran lyrics.

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