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Well, we got some ice and a little snow this morning, and is it making the commute a pain and a half. The office here is still pretty empty. My bus ride to Alewife normally takes twenty minutes, and was about twice that. It was just inching along when it came around to my stop, and maintained that pace for most of the way. Along Summer St., the gentle curves and hills still managed to make the going rough as vehicles slipped on the ice. Some pulled over and we saw a Lincoln Continental fishtail twice even as it was toddling along about ten miles per hour.

Normally, we're on the ball about snow here, but I think what happened is that the ice underneath was not expected, so the road crews weren't sent out to salt and sand. I'm just glad I'm not driving out there...

S0 got his first report card last week, and it was as good as can be. And, yesterday in karate class he broke a board and got his yellow belt ! S1's bedtimes seem to be getting easier. We were looking at pictures of her earlier this year and she's definitely not the peanut she used to be any more.

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