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Two choice paragraphs from My Britney Problem in Salon:
Spears seemed less practiced later in the interview. Since she sported a white jumpsuit in the HBO ads, someone asked if she was an Elvis Presley fan. "Yes, I am a really, really big Elvis fan," she gushed. "And I think the real reason why we did the whole Elvis thing is because, you know, he's from Vegas." (Actually, he was from Tupelo, Miss.)

Next, she was queried about her cover of "I Love Rock and Roll." "I just love the song," she enthused. "I love Pat Benatar, and I just think she's amazing. It's like she's a rock 'n' roll chick and she's just having a good time and it's a very empowering song." (It was Joan Jett, not Pat Benatar, who recorded the most famous version of the tune.)

'Nuff said !
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