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Indian Summer in November ? Heck, I'll take it. On Saturday we went to a housewarming party in Nashua, New Hampshire, and you could hang on on the back deck in your shirtsleeves. Our friends' house is in a new development, and their entire lot is devoid of trees, which I think is kind of… weird. We left around 7 and went to the Burlington Mall to get the kids some shoes and clothes, but the best part was finding a new LEGO store ! It was pretty small but packed with all kinds of groovy stuff – you could even by bricks in bulk, and not just in the old standard colors (blue, black, red, yellow, white). It was a good way to keep the kids (including me) distracted while O shopped in peace.

On Sunday we took a drive up to Ipswich and had a tasty seafood lunch at the Clam Box, which looks like, well, a clam box.

Although it's past peak foliage season now, there was still a bit of color, and that part of the North Shore is rather rural and pretty. On the way back, we drove along MA-133, and there, at the intersection with US-1, was the Agawam Diner, where an Elvis Costello video was filmed. That's another quest I can check off on the list, I guess !
Tags: clams, halloween, weather
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