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First, on behalf of O, thanks for all the compliments on the baked goods. I had a Frankenstein cake after lunch today and he was delicious.

Halloween was pretty fun; S0 (as a dinosaur) and S1 (as a ladybug) charmed the neighbors and got lots o' candy. My mother came over for dinner and stayed to hand out candy, so O was able to come along trick-or-treadting for the first time.

It was a warm night, but it's even warmer (at least 70°F) now. We raked leaves and I gave the lawn one last close cut before the winter. Perhaps I will do the unthinkable and even subject to it to a fall fertilizer treatment, since some patches are starting to look rather forlorn.

While mowing, I came up with the following guideline to avoid confusion and disappointment: Whenever someone makes a generalization about themselves, qualify that with the word “today.”
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