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This Sounds Too Good To Pass Up

From the Other Music newsletter:
RELAXED MUSCLE "A Heavy Night With" (Rough Trade)
Side projects are often a mixed bag. They can often times allow an artist to unleash impulses that would never have survived the checks and balances of band politics. If you take the glass half full viewpoint however, side projects offer a certain playfulness and freedom that the pressures of a successful career can doom to permanent back burner status. In Relaxed Muscle, Pulp's Jarvis Cocker indulges his guilty pleasures in the form of cabaret-tinged raunchy rockabilly goth electro. Whoda thunk? Masquerading as Darren Spooner (that cannot be a coincidence, can it?) dressed in skeleton drag, (the CD comes with two hilarious videos) accompanied by his real life Pulp guitarist, Richard Hawley, (known here as J.P. Buckle), Cocker gallivants through a suite of stripped down, dirty, upbeat, super smart, hilarious dance/rock jams that have his raw wit and Hawley's precise guitar smarts written all over them. At its best Relaxed Muscle conjures the best of Pulp's disco-ier moments stripped of their dandyish gloss and sexed up for a late night dance party. The stomping crunchy beats, shouted vocals, and discordant dancibility recall anything from Peaches and Le Tigre to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (and sundry similar early Wax Trax artists) Depeche Mode, Adam Ant and the Cramps. Super free and super fun.
Tags: alter ego, jarvis, pulp
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