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Where are the Spooky Sounds of Yesteryear ?

Actually, this Hafler Trio track is kind of spooky, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. I want creaking doors, organs playing in minor keys, diabolical laughter, knocks, moans, and, if possible, bad puns that would not be out of place on Tales From the Darkside</cite>. Vincent Price and Boris Karloff are role models but any schlub with the right attitude can apply. I was hoping that there'd be some of that kind of stuff on vinyl at the Columbus flea market we went to last weekend, but no such luck.

What I'm looking for is vintage cheeze, like the stuff that is sampled on Tino's Hallowe'en Dub. We've got a tape of sound effects from Rhino that's OK. We've also got an overdone, too-loud sound effects CD from Universal Studios that just tries too hard. It's just too digital, man.
Tags: creepy, halloween
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