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A Nice Spring Weekend... In December

Friday night, we drove out to Amherst to watch the UMaine Black Bears hockey team take care of UMass, 5-1 or something (we left before it ended), after having a good old time at Bub's Barbeque. This was Sophie's first hockey game, and she seemed to enjoy it. We'll have to see how she likes it in Orono, Maine, where the venue is smaller and the crowd is a lot more intense.

This morning, the weather cleared and the temperature reached the mid-60s, so coats were not needed. We drove around to O's alma mater, encountering a pretty dramatic bank of clouds around the hills near Hockanum along the way (southbound on MA-47). Then it was off to Atkins Fruit Bowl for produce, apples, cider (umm) donuts, and some feed corn for the squirrels (to keep them from raiding our bird feeder). And then we stopped in Northampton for little bit of XMas shopping and lunch.

Once we got home, Sebastian spent a lot of the afternoon playing with the girls next door. The hawks were also out, since the warm weather provides them with the thermal updrafts for soaring while they look for a tasty treat. Aside from the fact that the shadows were already growing long at 2 in the afternoon, it was hard to tell today from a nice spring day before the leaves come out.
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