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Best In Bed

Ever since we moved the mattress into her room, S1 has been wanting her “big bed.” Well, today, for Phase II of what I call the Procrustes Project, we went shopping for her bed linens – Hello Kitty all the way ! We also purchased a bed rail which has a strap which goes underneath and across the mattress and fastens to a small plate which gives another point of fastening. (I remember the old one we had when I was kid, and how half the time the round metal tube construction did nothing to prevent it from being dislodged.) I took apart the crib (which we first assembled about five and a half years ago), and brought the pieces downstairs until we give them to some friends of O's who are expecting. S1 looked a little surprised that her old crib was disappearing right before her eyes, but she was definitely very excited about her new sleeping arrangement. Truly, it's the end of an era.
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