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Immanentize the Eschaton !

OK. it's not a done deal by any means, but after last night, the possibility of a Cubs-Red Sox series became just a little more concrete. Somebody is going to have to win that series, unless the world ends first. Or, perhaps, as in this Boston Globe article:
The only outright lose-lose scenario would be a simultaneous double forfeit. Here is one way it could happen: The seventh game of a Sox vs. Cubs match-up goes into extra innings. Both teams quickly exhaust their postseason pitching rosters, and eventually play enough pinch runners and hitters so that they're both down to just nine men.

With one out and Johnny Damon on third, Nomar pops a shallow fly to right field, which Sammy Sosa catches and relays straight to Cubs catcher Damian Miller. Johnny comes into the plate hard, trying to knock the ball loose from Miller's glove, but instead he just knocks both men out cold. Each team now has eight players; the rules state that if you can't put nine men on the field, you must forfeit. Clearly no one wins, but who loses?

In such an event, says Major League Baseball spokesman Dominick Balsamo, "Decisions would have to be made at a higher level than anything that's written down right now."

Kind of spooky, considering that Damon was involved in a collision last night...
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