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We had a somewhat sluggish weekend. Apple-picking in humid weather is tough going, especially when you're also trying to carry a two year old kid around as well ! We like Macouns but they weren't going to be ready until next week.

We went to K's niece's birthday party yesterday, which was fun. The kids were shy at first but soon opened up and were running around. K's mom has a regular menagerie — two cats, two dogs, a cockatiel, a BIG fish (that eats goldfish !), and turtle.

On the way back we stopped at the Super 88 near the South Cove Center for Asian groceries. They still don't have Pocky G. I took the kids over to the tanks, since they love looking at the crabs and lobsters. I saw one woman who put two rock crabs directly in the shopping cart and only later bagged them. Hmm.

S0 has learned that if he places the baby monitor and receiver next to each other, it produces a painful, squealing racket. And S1 asked to use the computer. Unrest is born...
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