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On Saturday, we did errands in swingin' Woburn. While O went shopping for kids pajamas at Kids R Us, we checked out the pets at the Petco next door. I really like the Sun Conure they had. Sure, it was expensive, but the little blurb said it was playful and a great family pet, so it's like we'd be getting four pets in one ! And, among other things, we bought a power washer. We're going to use it for the deck, but pretty soon I'll be power-washing everything and perhaps everybody within range of the hose !

Today went less smoothly. S1 got up too early, and so, just after we arrived at Berlin Orchards to go apple-picking (and go for a hayride and get cider donuts and and an') , S0 decided to provoke S1 in her already-cranky state. O wasn't playin' that, so we just drove back. So broke his promise to behave so we could go to this, so it was only consistent to deny him this fun. Trouble is, we parents were looking forward to it too. After lunch back at home, the tone of things improved considerably. In the late afternoon, S0 befriended two girls while I took him and S1 to Robbins Farm Park, while, back at home, O made matzo ball soup (yeah) !
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