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But Now I'm Annoyed

I really can't complain. S0 is doing great in school. His teacher says he's “a hard worker” and his reading skills seem to be getting better every day. The Robbins Playground finally opened and we checked it out a few days ago. S1 and I went down the big slide a few times, and she loved it. And I appreciate not being in the path of Isabel. But my inbox is still polluted with cruft. The virus-related emails have abated, but now I'm being spammed with messages from “Microsoft Security” (and variations thereof) to install important “security updates” which are really just attachments with virus in them. You've probably seen these before but they're starting to look more convincing now, with graphics lifted right off the Microsoft site and a discursive style approaching something like idiomatic English, so they're more believable, and thus more dangerous. Why do people spend so much effort on ruining e-mail ?



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Sep. 19th, 2003 01:25 pm (UTC)
Not to gloat, but I'm not seeing much spam. I think it's a combination of my not being in the address books of that many Windows users, and the much-improved spam filtering in Panther. (I'm getting dozens of spams a day, but all but about one a day get filtered out.)
Sep. 19th, 2003 01:41 pm (UTC)
I was getting a lot of SoBig-related bounces because my previous gig was with a company that used Outlook. (Before that, I worked at Lotus, and of course nobody used Outlook there.) In fact, in the early days, we didn't even have an Exchange server, which meant that everybody had to everybody else in their personal address book, at opposed to looking it up on the server.

I use Entourage for reading mail on one of my Macs, and its spam filtering isn't as good as Mail.app's. The sad part is that I actually don't get all that much spam; some of my friends are virtual spam magnets.
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