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Summer's Last Gasp

Friday: Watched Storefront Hitchcock, which is Jonathon Demme's concert film of Robyn Hitchcock in a mostly-acoustic 1997 show shot in a New York storefront, with the audience/camera facing Hitchcock with the windows at this back. Yes, people stop and stare in from time to time, and no, if you didn't like him before, this film probably won't win you ever, but not having listened to the guy for a while (except for the incomparable I Often Dream of Trains), I think this is probably as good a “video” of him that you'll ever see. Demme definitely knows what to do with live music on film, as Stop Making Sense is one of the best concert films of all time.

Saturday: We went to “Town Day” in the morning – it's like a street fair for the whole town. It was fun, and we picked up a lot of books and videos for the kids at the library sale, but S1 was coming down with a cold (or maybe it was just resurfacing). In the late afternoon we dropped off the kids at my sister's, as her neighbor was having a barbeque with other neighborhood kids, while we had a romantic dinner at the Naked Fish (good !) and a romantic shopping session at Home Depot (big !).

Sunday: Boy, it was muggy today, and it rained just enough to prevent me from mowing the lawn. (Aww, too bad.) O painted the bedroom furniture we bought last week: the change from pink and cream to purple and white looks really spiffy. In the afternoon, we went to Celebrity Pizza for ice cream, picked up few things, and then had dinner (Vidalia onion pie and corn on the cob). We put the kids to bed earlier to help them recover from their stuffiness, and so there here we (and you) are.



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Sep. 15th, 2003 06:51 am (UTC)
My love for Robyn knows no bounds.
Sep. 15th, 2003 12:57 pm (UTC)
He is the man
I got caught up in the whole RH craze the first time around, but lately I've been checking up on his stuff again. Did you see the cover of one of his latest albums ? He turned 50 and his hair is mostly gray !
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