Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

School Days

Today is S0's first day of kindergarten. We all walked over the school (S1 in a stroller), and they were already lining up the kids by the time we got there. S0 looked very cute, and after a little initial nervousness, was excited to go. So excited and nervous that he couldn't remember his last name when the superintendent asked him ! They started marching in, but one kid refused to go in and just sat just inside the front door for about ten minutes. K showed up just in time to see him go in, then after talking with K about when and where to pick our new scholar up (he's on the half-day regime, so he's out by 11 am), the rest of us went to Dunkin' Donuts.
Tags: kids
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