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How Much Can You Tell From a Postcard ?

A few days ago O got a postcard from Romania. On the front is a picture of the Black Church in Braşov. But, what jars the eye (besides the subtly clumsy design) is that the stamps appear to promoting junk mail !. In English, no less ! How odd it must be to live in a country where the advent of junk mail is considered a sign of progress. And what is that red blob on the stamp (?) supposed to be anyway ?

The other thing is how flimsy the postcard is. The paper is also starting to yellow. It reminds me of the paper that Eastern Bloc countries used, if you even managed to encounter printed materials or packaging from there before 1990. Of all the Eastern Bloc countries, Romania was probably the one whose regime managed to extract the most out of the wealth and well-being of its people, and it show, even in a lowly postcard.

The way the postcard feels also reminds me of these all-glass teapots that a local store, the China Fair, used to stock. They were from East Germany, and the design was quite elegant and smart in the early-60s modern way. But, the boxes were flimsy, and often discolored, and pieces of the teapots were often missing or broken.

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