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Can't hold back much longer

You know, in all the 2-cents-givin' brou-haha over the new Liz Phair album and the new Liz Phair, the fact that Michael Penn did a significant amount of work on the album seems not to merit much attention. And yet, given the three-plus years since his last album, you'd think that the question of when we'd hear some new stuff from him would come up.

What gets me is that there's a torrent of new product out there all the time, but the standard interval for releases by a particular artist or group seems to be getting longer all the time. Even most seventies rock dinosaurs managed to pop out an album more than once every two years. For fans just getting into music, this seems a pity to me. It's cool when an artist is putting out stuff on a yearly basis, because as you're growing and the world is changing, the artists can be getting in on the process as well. I just can't see how that kind of personal connection can be maintained when it takes a third of a decade to release an album. To contrast, Elvis Costello (an extreme case perhaps) put out five LPs worth of great-to-amazing work from 1977 to 1980. Perhaps it's just harder to come out with something original and worthwhile these days, but two things that really seem to be missing in the most of pop marketplace these days is a sense of timely communication with the audience and inspiration from friendly artistic one-upmanship.

OK, old fart rant over...

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