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'Tis Not the Season

OK, so what is the first display you would expect to see in a supermarket two weeks before Labor Day ? How about Halloween candy ? No, like Stanley Cup playoffs in June, this is an affront to the Order of Things. This whole “lead-time” concept is out of control. And soon we will be running on the seasonal treadmill until the 4th of July merchandise goes on sale in April 2004, at this rate.

Not to change the subject, but there are some worthwhile arts tidbits in the New York Times today. There's a profile of the 40-year-old pop wonderboy of “unpopular pop,” Jon Brion. I was just listening to his solo album this morning (it’s great), but, from the tone of article, it’s unlikely that he will be releasing more stuff under his own name anytime soon. There’s also a survey of recent music video DVDs, and I think I will have to check out The Revenge of the Robots featuring the hip-hop label Def Jux (Mr. Lif from Boston appears, too).

Too bad the article on David Byrne’s PowerPoint art didn’t have links to the actual PPT files themselves. Now that would have been cool. Byrne also shows up in the Brion article; evidently Brion did some production with him but Byrne rejected the results. It’s a small world after all…
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